randy-tax-blogI have decided to change my moniker after a bit more information. I am proud to be a blue-collar son of the American south (home-turf Tennessee/ Kentucky) I lived and worked in N.Y. , Boston , Detroit , D.C. and San Antonio , however always was more comfortable in my country roots! If I were raised in Briton it would have been east London , not the historically aristocratic west.

“An American Cockney in London” is now my by-line.

I need to finish my last listings of London impressions , so I can feel free to move on to the weekly adventures I have had during my last year:
Today I will talk of
1. Bridges
2. Brit T.V.
3. Theatre
4. Restaurant’s
5. Pop culture
6. Best pubs
7. Rock n Roll
8. Museums
9. Maybe something else
OK , let’s have some fun:

So many beautiful , historic bridges -we must leave the original London bridge of nursery rhyme fame to the ages : I do suggest the following:
1. Tower bridge – insanely beautiful , a picture at night is worth a trip to London in itself!
2. Albert bridge – very lovely , 4000 lights , 1873 and in original form.
3. Westminster bridge  – the sights around ( Parliament , Big Ben , the Abbey) awesome!

Special note – Milleninm , Blackfriers , Putney , Aah hell -they are all significant!

London Theaters – so you want to see it all , It may be that your favorite is the one with your special show – so many people visit central London for dinner and a show – Leicester Square and Covent Garden are packed every weekend-the ones I know :
1. Novello /  Aldwich – next door to one another – what theaters should be !
2. Lyceum – grand and majestic
3. Savoy – throwback to an earlier time
4. Theatre Royal – lots of history , built , rebuilt , rebuilt – Wow!
Theatreland  in London is special and everybody comes and everybody enjoys – you and me will not be disappointed!

British TV – this has taken some time to actually figure out what to try -remember I did not know titles so it was complete trial and error!
1. Drama – Poldark , the current one , waiting for the next season!
2. Comedy – In-betweeners – a very funny program , also the movie , so much British humor and verbiage – it is silly but great!
3. Historical dramas – never ending assortment – there are so many and I love them all Americans just absorb these programs.
(Downtown Abbey -a league of its own -RIP! )

Pop culture – Interesting facts , more than lists on this area -I find this stuff fun!
1. Models are the most recognizable celebrities -every day in the Standard , and ,Times are pics. and stories  – Cara , Emma , Daisy , Gemma – you ladies rule the pop world!
2. Football ( soccer) stars are the most important male celebrities!
David Beckham -world renowned- the face of football, Harry Kane , Peter Crouch , Carl Jenkinson  – are always in the publics eye
3. Seems to me *football #1 * rugby #2 * cricket#3
Big note – we follow none of these in U.S. It is the NFL , NBA and Pro baseball – I am still in mourning but rugby is one bad -a– sport!

Restaurants – limited but we do appreciate these ones:
1. 34 in Mayfair – great place for a special meal -start to finish!
2. The Wolseley – a grand meal at a famous west end restaurant!
3. Dishoom, bamboo cafe  – the menu and food are really good -I am not adventurous however , bring the Indian cuisine on!

Pubs – I have been to a few , you know there are over 7000 in London , so very few! How could you ever pick a favorite – I guess where you go -cheers -where everybody knows your name!
1. Prospect of Whitby – iconic , 1520 , -Whopping on the Thames! My Brit friend John brought me here – it is good to come and have a pint or two!
2. lamb and flag – pretty battered but a real charmer , a little tuck away in the garden , it is close and I go here more than not!
3.Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese , estab. 1538 , rebuilt in 1666 – many nooks and crannies on several floors , good pints and the food is very good!

Rock,and Roll – just a few statements on this subject  – I have followed popular music for the past 50 years -I play a poor fender strat. but I do play and have a little fun. I had an American guitar teacher Keith and now have Maarrtin here in London -I learn a lot! America’s music history is built in rhythm and blues while here in London the blues were taken , put in a bag , shaken and out came a product that changed the world. We could name names but you already know them all – it is deep , it is illustrious , and it is good! To have so many great bands and single artists based in London is mind blowing! God save the Queen!
quirky fact – most famous student at the LSE , none other than – – – – Mick Jagger!
We could rank everyone but why , it has been done before!

Museums and then I am done , you are probably ready for that but I must mention where and the most interesting visiting spots in London.
1. British Museum – the grand-daddy , just fabulous , world history in one huge iconic building!
2. National Gallery and Portrait Gallery – if you like paintings then – – – !
3. Churchill War Rooms – WW two for everyone ,  but  for Americans  a must see -we can relate to this in our thoughts of England in real time!
I have many more to see and then I will miss some, lol!

When I started my blog , I find I have much more to say and then have to cool down till another day. The interesting part is that I live no more than 15 mins. walk from all these places and things I see and become intimate with them on a daily basis. I did not know this when we moved here 15 months age. It has been more than expected!

Next time , I will start my weekly go- abouts -if you like stay tuned!

The Cockney American signs off for now!