randy-tax-blogJust a little background on some of my views and where they stem from. We have lived in London for 14 months, wow how the time has flown by.

I have many adventures to remember and in future editions will give my impressions of my time in the U.K. Today I will give my first hand views on the city of London and rank several areas of my interest:


1. Iconic
2. Culture
3. Historic
4. Places
5. just things I wonder about.

First, let me say that I am enthralled by the city of London Let’s face it, there would be no U.S. If not for the British Isles and Northern / Central Europe. You are my people (my surname is Nelson) and things are so similar but also different in the day to day! OK, enough background noise now to my lists, hopefully in some order:

Three words I hear daily that we do not use:
1. Lovely
2. Epic.
3. Brilliant

We broke off partly because of the Royal family ( 1776 ) however we like the whole history! My three Royal Favorites (present):

1. Harry – a cowboy at heart
2. Kate – has she ever made a mistake
3. The Queen – she has been the matriarch longer than most of us have been alive. Long Live The Queen!

Three things I love of London life:

1. Pubs – I like a good pint but not a heavy imbiber – these places are the fabric of your society and I pop around as many as I can. Fabulous.
2. Brits are generally in good physical condition – losing weight is not the #1 issue as it is in many areas I call home, lol!
3. Dress code- current, trendy.

Three things I do not like in London:

1. Why does everyone stop in the middle of “sidewalk” – this drives me insane
2. Why are washers/ dryers and refrigerators not full size.. almost non-usable
3. Weather – cloudy and gloomy, enough said

Three spots I visit weekly:

1. Trafalgar Square- I like to go at lunch time and people watch (lunch outside on the steps)
2. Borough market – I buy bread, cheese, treats, fruits and vegetables!
3. Millennium Bridge – just a great place to stand and look up and down the Thames.

Three parks that make London home:

1. St James – beautiful, it is close and I am a runner so this works!
2. Regent’s – the most lovely area that is never overcrowded.
3. Victoria’s Embankment- surprise, ( nice to have a picnic and read the kindle with Regina!

Three understated guides to fit in quickly:

1. Find a great taxi service – thanks My-LondonTaxi.com – you guys are a Godsend.
2. London walks, you learn, you discover the neighborhoods in London, it is good fun!
3. City Lit history courses. I have taken Medieval London, Tudor London and now Stewart London – a couple of hours a week and you become conversational – what a long history!

Three iconic places not to be missed – I am always a tourist but truly inspirational:

1. Buckingham palace
2. Westminster Abbey
3. St . Paul’s Cathedral
4. Tower of London
Oh well 4 but you see them, you visit them and then you are just getting started!

Three places to walk and feel good :

1. Covent Garden, my hometown is just so pleasant esp. M-F.
2. Thames River- walk every day – everything begins and ends here – the history comes alive and on a good foggy, misty evening the spirits seem to call!
3. The Mall on Sunday, walk with the Queen to Buckingham -St James on the left , Green on the right and no traffic, have a small snack, good stuff!

This is just some of my thoughts as sent in to the good people at My-LondonTaxi.com. For now, this has been Randy’s Ramblings.